Get to know other teams.

Every couple weeks we pair random employees with different teams in your organization.


The idea is to increase cross-team knowledge within the company. And to learn something new!

What will they do once they're paired?

It's kind of up to you. Employees can:

  • Sit in on one of the team's weekly meetings. Hear the jargon, see the work that's done, gain a deeper and more concrete understanding.
  • Go get a coffee with the team lead

Here's how you set it up:

Create your teams in the Husky dashboard

Create a channel and tell your employees to join it to participate

Then, every 2 weeks1 they'll get a Slack notification on Monday morning if they get paired.2

1 You can adjust the period length.

2 If there are more employees signed up than there are teams, some employees won't get paired. Right now, teams can only be paired with one employee per pairing period. In the future this might be configurable.

There is no #4. But here's a note on our pairing algorithm.

Our pairing algorithm knows about pairing history, and makes sure to set up pairings fairly, so that those who've been paired the least in the past get priority when pairings are made.